Friday, September 6, 2013

RV News: GMC Motorhome still making news..

Did you know that GMC makes Motorhomes? Well, they did... and some wont let it rest!

Just recently, the front-drive GMC motorhome maxed out at a speed of 120.8 mph at the Bonneville Speed Week gathering. Just a step down from the Benz at 137.9mph

GMC Motorhome At Bonneville Speed Week
GMC built a front-wheel drive motorhome in 1973 and continued through 1978. Since then GMC has retained a good following for this innovative design. It's sporty design has made it quite popular and has landed the rig a couple movies as well.

The GMC Motorhome was popular enough to make it into a "starring" role in the movie Stripes with Bill Murray. It was used as an armored vehicle and painted olive green.

The GMC also had a small role in Twister as a platform vehicle for tornado equipment!

Here is the original Ad for the GMC Motorhome.

Ah... such great colors for the 70's!

TrackFront75.28 in.
Rear85.12 in.
WheelbaseModel 230140 in.
Model 260160 in.
Length (Inc. Opt. Spare Tire)Model 23023 ft. - 9 in.
Model 26026 ft. - 9 in.
Length (Inc. Opt. Trunk)Model 23024ft. - 8 in.
Model 26027 ft. - 8 in.
Width96 in.
Height8 ft. - 1 in.
With Roof Air Conditioner9 ft. - 2 in.
Front OverhangAll Models42 in.
Rear OverhangModel 23069 in.
Model 26089 in.
Interior Ceiling Height76 in.
Source - 1973 GMC Motorhome Owner's Manual
Fuel SystemTwo 25 gallon tanks
Cooling System21 quarts
Engine Oil5 quarts(6 quarts including filter)
Transmission4 quarts - drain & refill
10 quarts after complete overhaul
Final Drive(Differential)4 pints
Power Steering Pump1 pint
Power Steering System11/2 quarts
LP Gas Tank44.5 pounds (Standard)
65.0 pounds (Optional)
Living Area Water Tank40 gallons
Holding Tank40 gallons
Hot Water Tank6 gallons
Source - 1973 GMC Motorhome Owner's Manual

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